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Fond Memories and Warm Feelings

Remember when you went to Grandma’s house? The big hug she gave you and the smell of freshly baked cookies? Those fond memories are what brings back warm feelings.

People are getting busier and grandma is aging and there is no longer that memorable smell of fresh baked cookies. It may be a sad day if you think that you will never be able to enjoy that smell again without making the cookies yourself.

The good news is Red Apple and Mrs. Fields have teamed up to offer the opportunity to once again enjoy the smell of grandma’s fresh baked cookies and then enjoy every single bite of those warm cookies without the work of making them.

Groups that used Red Apple/Mrs Fields last fall averaged earning $60 profit per participant for their school or group. Also, their customers were getting a quality product and are asking when they will be able to buy more.

Debbie FieldsDebbie Fields opened her first store in 1977. Debbie had a goal to make people happy by selling them the best chocolate chip cookie they had ever tasted. After more than 40 years, Mrs Fields is still the most recognized premium brand of cookies ever made.

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Happy New Year and welcome to 2016. Now is the time to consider passing through another year on cruise control, or stepping out of your comfort zone. It might be time to try new things and make 2016 the year the best ever.

One thing that will help your year be more productive is to cross off the list some of those fundraising ideas that won’t be worth your group’s time and effort again this Spring.

According to a survey of parent group leaders, product fundraisers including cookie dough consistently yield more profit than other programs and typically require fewer volunteers. With Red Apple you can combine Mrs Fields cookie dough, the most famous, best selling cookie dough, with our Spring 2016 gift catalog,

Perhaps, more importantly, by eliminating extra fundraisers you lesson the likelihood of burnout and apathy among supporters and in the community.

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Let’s say your school or organization has decided to do two fundraisers. One features cookie dough and frozen food items such as our Mrs. Fields Classic Collection and the other features non perishable gift items as in our Perfect Presents catalog. How should you structure your fundraiser to get the best results. There are two strategies:

  • Do the two fundraisers separately. This brings in the most profit but timing is critical. Start off with the gift catalog (Perfect Presents) for your first fundraiser. Then at least a month or more after that has ended do the cookie dough/frozen food catalog (Mrs. Fields Classic Collection). It has to be in this order because if you reverse the timing and do the cookie dough fundraiser first and the gift catalog second the results will be much less on the gift catalog. Why? Because catalogs like Perfect Presents are seasonal but cookie dough sells just as well at almost any time including the spring. People seem to be willing to spend money on cookie dough if it is the second fundraiser but less so on a gift catalog when it is the second fundraiser.
  • Do both fundraisers at the same time.¬†In case you can only do one fundraiser, this is the next best way to get maximum results. Offering the combination of frozen goods and non perishables gives your community more choices and results in higher sales than doing just one catalog. Red Apple can coordinate this for you to make the process very user friendly. We can even offer Home Delivery¬† on the Perfect Presents gift catalog items to each seller’s home. This means that the only delivery at your site will be the cookie dough/frozen food items. However, if you prefer both products can be coordinated to be delivered to your school or organization site.

For more information or to set up your fundraiser call us at 877-504-2163 or email  


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