Fond Memories and Warm Feelings

Remember when you went to Grandma’s house? The big hug she gave you and the smell of freshly baked cookies? Those fond memories are what brings back warm feelings.

People are getting busier and grandma is aging and there is no longer that memorable smell of fresh baked cookies. It may be a sad day if you think that you will never be able to enjoy that smell again without making the cookies yourself.

The good news is Red Apple and Mrs. Fields have teamed up to offer the opportunity to once again enjoy the smell of grandma’s fresh baked cookies and then enjoy every single bite of those warm cookies without the work of making them.

Groups that used Red Apple/Mrs Fields last fall averaged earning $60 profit per participant for their school or group. Also, their customers were getting a quality product and are asking when they will be able to buy more.

Debbie FieldsDebbie Fields opened her first store in 1977. Debbie had a goal to make people happy by selling them the best chocolate chip cookie they had ever tasted. After more than 40 years, Mrs Fields is still the most recognized premium brand of cookies ever made.

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